Brick Matching

Matching an existing brick facade on a home or building can be a daunting task for homeowners, contractors, architects or brick masons. It is usually the first task, and a very important one, that helps create a successful renovation project.

Our sales team at Riverside Brick takes great pride in providing knowledge and resources to help with this brick matching services process. We have been involved in thousands of additions and renovations to not only houses and buildings built since the 1960’s, but also many historic structures that date back to the early 1800’s.

We start with a field survey of the existing building, examining the blend of brick tones, mortar color and the architectural bond pattern in which the brick have been laid. Next, we put together a color palette of brick and mortar that resemble a close match to the existing walls with seamless continuity. Some are harder than others, and often it requires the blend of two or three different colors of brick. Our staff will craft a field panel of the appropriate percentages for the color blend so that the masonry contractor can lay a sample wall for the client to review.

If you need assistance with a project, please contact one of our sales representatives for your support. Lastly, it may be inspiring to check out some of the projects we are fortunate to have been involved with over the last couple of decades.

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