Why Use Brick?

No siding provides a greater sense of warmth, stability and value than brick. While brick does cost a little more up-front than many sidings, that cost is recovered and then some through savings both short-term and long-term.

Unlike most sidings, brick never needs painting or cleaning, never rots, never fades, never peels, melts, warps or dents. Don’t waste your money or your weekends scraping, sanding and repainting — and never replace a wall section because it got overheated.

Brick’s thermal mass makes it a more effective insulator than thin sidings, reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

An Independent study by the National Association of Homebuilders found that the brick veneer wall system is the most effective of all common residential wall materials at keeping moisture out of the home — enhancing climate control and minimizing mold.

On resale, brick homes are valued significantly higher than non-brick homes of the same size, providing a return on your initial investment.

Many insurance providers offer reduced premiums on brick homes, as brick walls better weather storms, and bricks simply do not catch on fire.

Once you factor in all these benefits it becomes apparent why so many people insist on using it on their home.